Partnering with Parents Who Take an Active Role in Their Child's Education


We are an eclectic mix of what we have learned through years of experience in seeking educational options.  Everyone has God-given gifts.  Ultimately, we seek to encourage children to develop their unique gifts in challenging and meaningful ways.


The Aaron Academy is a two-day per week support program for those who are seeking a family oriented educational alternative, for ages 10-13.  We offer a variety of core and enrichment classes and strive to provide projects and activities that incorporate multiple learning styles.


Many methods and philosophies presented throughout history have great value and should be explored.  We see all of these as potential tools in the process of developing greatness in each individual.  We actively seek passionate, inspiring teachers who believe that most children learn best by doing, so a hands-on approach is at the center of our instruction.


We are located at the Ada County Boys and Girls Club in Garden City, Idaho.  We are currently accepting applicants for the 2015 - 2016 school year.  Before enrolling your child please explore our website, and contact us questions or to schedule a tour when classes are in session.  If The Aaron Academy seems to be a good fit for your family, please go to the enrollment page to apply.


For students ages 14-17, please check out Boise Classical Academy at boiseclassicalacademy.com.