NOTICE: The Aaron Academy program will no longer be available after the 2017-18 school year.

The Aaron Academy offers a fun, project-based approach to core subjects which facilitates and fuels a love of learning.


The focus of the programs we offer is to present students with a buffet of knowledge so each individual can discover areas of personal interest and talent. While students may not love every subject we offer to begin with, they may be surprised by what they enjoy once they try.


Students will participate in a variety of hands-on learning experiences, integrating subjects whenever possible, because real life doesn't come in subjects. All classes will incorporate the classics, heroes, and historical context wherever it is appropriate.


The classroom setting offers an optimal environment for teaching basic organizational skills and promoting student accountability.


There are three programs available to choose from. Click on the links below Programs in the Navigation bar to the left for descriptions of each program.


Please make an appointment to come and take a tour during our regular program hours.  It is also important for potential students to visit classes so we can ensure that The Aaron Academy will be a good fit.  When registering, please choose the program that lists your child's age group and be sure his/her academic abilities and social maturity are in line with the listed guidelines.  Students need to be the youngest age listed for each program by September 30.