Meet our Teachers



Michael Arbogast - Jr. Scholar Boys' History and Literature Class

Michael Arbogast is enduringly fascinated with education. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature and Religious Studies (with a concentration in Biblical Studies) from Linfield College in 2008, and, unable to stay away from academia, returned to Boise State University for a certificate in Latin in 2010. Since then, he has tutored students from 12 to 28 in Latin, grammar, mathematics, and history. His other interests include linguistics, 19th century literature, sailing, and bicycling.



Benjamin Brandon - Scholar History Class and Scholar Latin Class

Benjamin has a deep passion for the study of Western Civilization, especially the classical Greeks and Romans.  He received his BA degree from BSU in International Relations and European History, and has studied Ancient History for his MA degree, also at BSU.  His Thesis is on Christian Political Philosophy, specifically on Constantine, the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire.  He brings great passion and a gift for teaching to The Aaron Academy.



Christy Curtiss - Discover Writing Class and Discover Girls' Book Club










Lori Hancock - Scholar Writing and Literature Class

Back in the day, Lori earned a Bachelors of Arts from the University of California, Riverside in Religious Studies.  Shortly afterwards, she married Roger who for all these years would depart daily to various challenging office jobs while Lori stayed home and pretended to houseclean and homeschool their four kids.  What she was really doing was having fun; she learned to cook from scratch and mostly not burn stuff, to throw rip-roaring parties on a shoestring, to outfit an impressive library from used book sales, to preserve produce, protect chickens from predators, & most importantly, how to call all manner of shenanigans "school work".

Meanwhile, somehow, her kids grew up to be well-adjusted and well-educated. One lovely daughter graduated from university recently. Two strong, talented sons are currently in college. And one bright young child is starting her freshman year of high school - at The Aaron Academy.  Among Lori's fondest memories during those years of teaching is reading aloud to her children and teaching literature in co-op groups.


Now with the nest emptying, and with a keen respect for classic literary works and authors, Lori looks forward to highlighting the beauty of literature and poetry for the Scholar Writing and Literature class.



Manna Hancock - Jr. Scholar Girls' Writing and Literature Class and Jr. Scholar Boys' Writing Class

In her third year of teaching at The Aaron Academy, Manna has enjoyed sharing her diverse passions through literature and music classes, and looks forward to continuing this with the Jr. Scholars in Writing this year.  In addition to teaching, Manna works as a chocolatier at Goody’s Soda Fountain, a job she finds rewarding in more than just the obvious ways (one can never have too much chocolate!).  When not dipping candy or expounding on the beauty of a well-constructed sentence, Manna will spend her time cycling, exploring, reading, giving good advice, piano-playing, skiing, and having a hearty laugh with a friend over coffee.



Rebecca Jarvis - Discover Boys' Book Club










Renee Madsen - Discover Science Class and Jr. Scholar Boys' Science Class

Renee enjoys bringing science concepts into everyday life. In her life before children, she earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Clemson University and a MS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University and proceeded to work for 7 years as an engineer doing construction, traffic design, and roadway design. Now she enjoys teaching her three children how to experiment with the world of science without causing too much bodily harm. Renee has run lego education clubs and taught science classes to homeschool groups. She believes in hands-on experimentation and loves to learn about the scientists behind the science. Renee and her family like to bike, hike, ski and kayak together.



Lesley Marks - Jr. Scholar Girls', Jr. Scholar Boys' and Scholar Math Mentoring Classes

This is Lesley's first year at The Aaron Academy. Lesley attended Boise State for a bachelors in math and secondary education. After Boise State she attended CWI for an AA in psychology to entertain the idea of becoming a school psychologist. During that time she began tutoring students in math and refreshed her love for teaching math. She has been tutoring students from all ages in math classes from basic arithmetic to college algebra. Lesley has always had a focus on working with children whether it was working in a preschool or doing ACT prep classes for high school students. Math and education are her passions and hopefully she can spread that passion to her students.



Angie Merz - Discover History Class and Jr. Scholar Girls' History Class

Angie has her BA in education from BSU, and is a former elementary teacher with the Boise District.  She loved her years of teaching, but the past 17 years she has been busy at home raising her two awesome kids.  She is happily sharing this life with her wonderful husband of 24 years, Brian.  With both kids now in junior and senior high, Angie has loved having the time to teach at the Aaron Academy.  The past two years of teaching history and writing have been just awesome!   It is not only the teaching that brings her enjoyment and satisfaction, but also being able to nurture kids.  Building positive things into kid’s lives is a great pleasure and privilege.  Angie is a big gardener, with the flowers being her specialty and the veggies being Brian’s department.  Cooking is also a great love, and she enjoys walking the two dogs in the foothills; but her favorite thing of all is hanging out with that awesome family of hers!



Kim Reeder - Jr. Scholar Girls' Science Class and Scholar Science Class

Kim Reeder has always had a passion for teaching and loves learning.  Kim grew up in Preston, Idaho and loved every minute of it.  She developed a real love of science and learning by following her dad around his dental office during the week and the hills of South Eastern Idaho on the weekends.  She graduated from Idaho State University in 2000 with a BS degree in Dental Hygiene. 


Fast forward to the present, Kim is happily married to Randy Reeder and is the mother of their five beautiful children.  She has been a stay-at-home homeschooling mom since 2002 and has been teaching at Aaron Academy since 2012.  And she still is loving pretty much every minute of it.