Meet our Teachers



Science Classes

Merlinda Haueter - All Science Classes

I’m excited to join The Aaron Academy team. I have an associates degree from Ricks College and a K-8 education degree from Boise State University. I’ve taken several iSTEM classes and have a great love for science education (probably from growing up with a father who is a chemist). I enjoy reading and sharing my thoughts through writing. I’m eager to share these two subjects with the students at The Aaron Academy. My hobbies include reading, gardening, hiking and vacationing with my family. I love colorful sunsets, starry nights and The Piano Guys! I have a wonderful husband, 4 amazing children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I’ve lived in the Meridian area for over 40 years and have taught in the Meridian school district and at both North Star and Compass Public Charter Schools. I also spent 5 years home-schooling my own children, helped start a charter school and taught preschool.


History Classes

Angie Merz - Discover History Classes

Angie has her BA in education from BSU, and is a former elementary teacher with the Boise District. She loved her years of teaching, but the past 18 years she has been busy at home raising her two awesome kids. She is happily sharing this life with her wonderful husband of 25 years, Brian. With both kids growing older, Angie has loved having the time to teach at the Aaron Academy. The past four years of teaching history have been just awesome! It is not only the teaching that brings her enjoyment and satisfaction, but also being able to nurture kids. Building positive things into kid's lives is a great pleasure and privilege. Angie is a big gardener, with the flowers being her specialty and the veggies being Brian's department. Cooking is also a great love, and she enjoys walking the two dogs in the foothills; but her favorite thing of all is hanging out with that awesome family of hers!


Kim Ward - Jr. Scholar History & Literature Classes

Kimberly is ecstatic to partner with the teachers, parents, and students at the Aaron Academy! She has a bachelor’s degree from Boise State University and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. She values education that is truly meaningful and fun! Kimberly has taught various subjects as a volunteer and substitute in the public schools and has had the privilege of homeschooling her own children. She enjoys spending time with friends & family, home decorating, reading, crafting, and being in the beautiful outdoors.


Writing Classes

Linda Selby - Discover Writing Classes

As the oldest of six children, Linda has been a teacher for about 53 of her 56 years on earth! She made it official years ago, getting her elementary teaching credential through U.C.L.A. before teaching in California, Virginia, Tennessee, and Idaho. Some of that time was with wonderful preschool children, and some with incredible elementary age children. Along the way, she also spent some invaluable time home schooling her own children through parts of their educational adventures.


As the mother of five, and grandmother of three, she is delighted to attempt to inspire the next generations in her family to enjoy life, to be respectful and responsible, and to read good books. Linda's sons are now 29, 27, 23 and 22. Her daughter is 11 and is a new member of the Discover class. Her grandchildren are 9, almost 3, and 2, courtesy of her two oldest sons. Oh yes, and her awesome husband, Ken, is 54. :- )


Earlier in life, Linda was a semi-avid runner, and even ran a marathon in 1990. (Checked that one off of the bucket list!) After several knee injuries, she mostly meets that endorphin need now through walking and bike riding. Other simple pleasures she values are reading, writing, traveling, "hanging out" with family and friends, and looking at the glass half full. She looks forward to coaching Discover students in writing this year.



Merlinda Haueter - Jr. Scholar Writing & Literature Classes

See Biography Above.





Discover Book Clubs

Krista Willmorth - Discover Girls' Book Club

Krista is delighted to be coming back for her second year of teaching the girls' book club! She loves literature and helping to make books come alive for children. The Aaron Academy's location next to the Boise River Greenbelt helps a lot with that, by allowing her to augment class time with book-based projects in a natural setting.


Krista's degree from the University of Idaho in International Relations (with minors in French and Journalism) reflects her interest in the world beyond our immediate borders and her desire to share that interest and education with others. Beyond education, her hobbies and interests are just about as varied as you can get. Her latest hobby is mushroom hunting and edible plant identification. Last year Krista's students quickly learned to point out any fungus they found so “Mushroom Woman” could come try to identify it. She enjoys being out in nature with her family, maintaining her skills in aikido-arniskido, and supporting her church. Just recently she dipped back into a long-time passion of riding and training horses in dressage and eventing. Krista is grateful that the Aaron Academy has always given her and her two children, both students at TAA, the encouragement and flexibility to pursue those interests.


Krista has also been the treasurer for the Aaron Academy for three years, and a board member for two.



Carolyn Neves - Discover Boys' Book Club

Before becoming a mother, Carolyn was a 6th grade public school teacher in Santa Rosa, California. She enjoyed teaching reading and literature so much that she went on to get her Master's Degree and Reading Specialist Credential from Sonoma State University. She then became the school's Reading Teacher, helping children to become more proficient and engaged readers in a small group setting.


Carolyn's three children have always been homeschooled. Two of her children attend The Aaron Academy. She is thrilled to teach the Discover Boys Book Club this year. While reading classics and award-wining literature, she hopes that the boys enjoy discussing the books in ways that enrich the reading itself and provide a deeper meaning of the books for all.


Carolyn and her husband Joe spend most days working on remodeling and restoring their 5 acre property in Eagle. Carolyn enjoys reading, painting and gardening. She loves collecting mid century vintage items and selling her finds on Etsy and Instagram. Her favorite thing, however is being outside in the garden with the whole family.


Jr. Scholar Math Mentoring Classes

Lesley Marks - Jr. Scholar Math Mentoring Classes

This is Lesley's third year at The Aaron Academy. Lesley attended Boise State for a bachelors in math and secondary education. After Boise State she attended CWI for an AA in psychology to entertain the idea of becoming a school psychologist. During that time she began tutoring students in math and refreshed her love for teaching math. She has been tutoring students from all ages in math classes from basic arithmetic to college algebra. Lesley has always had a focus on working with children whether it was working in a preschool or doing ACT prep classes for high school students. Math and education are her passions and hopefully she can spread that passion to her students.


Other Enrichment Units

Amy Diviney - Discover Music

Amy received a minor in music along with her Bachlelor’s degree from Southern Virginia University. She loved the quaint liberal arts school nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was there that her fire for learning was re-nighted and her appreciation for classics was developed. She wanted similar experiences for her kids. That’s why she chose to homeschool, and then to involve them in the excellent homeschool-hybrid program at The Aaron Academy.


Amy loves music. She is well known for her remarkable whistling skills, and has become familiar with many man-made instruments as well. She has written over twenty original songs. She sings them to family and friends in her lovely back yard.


Favorites: reading out loud to her kids (and doing all the voices, of course), riding her cruiser bike through the neighborhood, singing her guts out, baking cakes and directing choirs (not at the same time). She is thrilled about teaching music enrichment classes this year.